KinAestheticWind is proud to assist in a low cost, urban wind power design project under development by Kenny Ham at the University of Kansas in Salina.

The goal of the project is to provide affordable wind power for American homes.

Project TWEAK
Sponsored by the Northern New Mexico American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Hand Precision Machining of Los Alamos.
KinAestheticWind is proud to present TWEAK, a design study in building cheap electrically powered vehicles. TWEAK is under construction at the University of New Mexico in Los Alamos. Click to learn more

KinAestheticWind presents
REVolt, our electric low-rider sport truck project.
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Company Mission

Increase the amount of renewable energy generated in the United States

Support educational institutions with the proceeds from the sale of renewable energy

Create renewable energy projects and art

Support renewable energy research

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Company News

March 2012 Kenny Ham will be doing a podcast interview today concerning project TWEAK. Links to follow

March 2012 Project TWEAK appeares in Make Magazine!

April 28 2009 KinAestheticWind President Dr. Michael Ham will appear on the Venus Transit Authority radio show on Thursday April 30th at 8:30 AM mountain time.

April 18 2009 Flying monkey fundraiser begins to raise money for project REVolt.

Renewable Energy News

Entire state of Texas could be powered by solar energy -[] A study by Public Citizens, a consumer advocacy group suggests that the entire state of Texas could be powered by the sun. " Photovoltaic plants covering 30 miles by 30 miles could power the entire state."

Obama talks up wind power on Earth Day in Iowa -[] President Obama called for a "new era of energy exploration in America" centered on producing more renewable energy in America. Right on!

Vatican to build 100 Megawatt (MW) solar power plant -[] The Vatican announced that it will build a 660 million 100MW photovoltaic power plant and will make it the first solar powerd nation state in the world.

PG&E to purchase solar energy from space -[] PG&E is seeking approval to purchase 200 MW of power generated in space by Solaren, a Southern California company. Solaren plans to use solar panels in earth orbit to generate the power, then convert it to radio frequency energy which will be transmitted to a receiving station in Fresno County. Then, the radio energy will be converted to electricity and fed into PG&E's power grid. Cool.

Neil Young's latest album is about his electric car, Lincvolt -[] Well they are fun, that's why we're building REVolt.

China Outlines Plans for Making Electric Cars -[] China aims to become the world's largest producer of electric cars.

The Tiger and the Sun: Solar Power Plants and Wildlife Sanctuaries -[] A really neat idea for combining animal sanctuaries with solar power plants.

Sagging economy clips clean tech's wings -[] (subscription required) Nature reports that the sagging economy is hurting the clean technology industry.