KinAestheticWind is a non-profit based in Los Alamos New Mexico and was founded in September 2008 by a group comprised of a Physicist, an Art Teacher, an Engineer, a Neurobiologist, a Grant Writer, a Linguist, a Counselor and a Stay At Home Mom.

Our diverse backgrounds are united by one common goal: using renewable energy to lower the cost of higher education, expand the amount of renewable energy generated in the United States of America, create demand for American manufactured products and provide sustainable long term energy solutions. Our mission is to convert charitable donations into renewable energy generators (like solar arrays and windmills) and exciting renewable energy based projects like REVolt.

The need for affordable higher education in America

Increasingly, the ticket to America's middle and upper class is printed on a diploma from a higher education institution. However, as tuition costs spiral out of control, graduates are burdened with ever increasing student loan debt, which reduces their ability to take risks and provide for their own future.

Long term energy solutions for the United States of America and the World

Affordable energy in the 20th century allowed humanity to accomplish amazing feats. The moon shot, airline flights, shipping, and much more is feasible because of affordable and seemingly plentiful energy. This has also allowed many to be lifted out of poverty, while simultaneously supporting the largest population of humans in history.

However, current energy practices cannot be sustained forever, especially as more and more individuals in the developing world pull themselves out of poverty and demand the same vehicles and electricity that the developed world takes for granted. Additionally, as we have learned time and time again, being dependent on other nations for energy supplies often creates large problems for the United States. Therefore, we advocate readily available and affordable energy made here in the United States. This energy needs to be sustainable and renewable so that 200 years from now we still have the resources to create energy.

Just as there are many forms of power now (nuclear, oil, gas, coal) we believe that sustainable energy will come in many forms (bio-fuels, thermal, solar, wind, tidal). Our plan is to nurture these technologies by using charitable donations to purchase renewable energy generators like windmills and solar arrays and use the proceeds to lower the cost of higher education. This will allow us to drive renewable energy development by giving companies a venue to sell their products. Since our generators will be purchased without credit, we have greater flexibility in choosing which technologies to purchase. This means that we can purchase promising products, even if their costs are slightly higher than the rest of the market, or if a company is unknown. This will give companies the ability to stay in business and refine their product. Additionally, by being a large scale consumer of promising technology, KinAestheticWind hopes to drive down prices through the economy of scale (generally, the more of a product you make, the cheaper it becomes to make the product).

Your donation at work

Energy generated by our resources will be sold to the power grid. These proceeds will be reinvested into new generators, donated to higher educational institutions, and used to fund research. As a donor, you get to pick which educational institution receives a portion of the proceeds created by your donation. Pick anything from your pre-school to college!

Never Ending Donation

At KinAestheticWind, we are pleased to introduce the "never ending donation" concept. A portion of the proceeds that result from your donation will be reinvested into new generators. This reinvestment will be credited to you, and the proceeds from these new generators will be directed to the educational institution you picked at the time of your original donation.

Exciting Renewable Energy Projects

Here at KinAestheticWind, we are really into renewable energy, and we want everyone to share our enthusiasm. Therefore, in addition to large installations, we will sponsor unique renewable energy projects, like REVolt, the world's first electric low-rider.


The donations and grants we receive will determine what types of generators we purchase, and how we install them. Install locations will be either purchased or leased depending on locations and owners.

KinAestheticWind is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) charitable corporation in the State of New Mexico. Donations to KinAestheticWind are considered tax deductible by the IRS.

Contact us

55 Verde Ridge Unit B
Los Alamos, NM 87544

To speak to someone, or to ask a question, please email and we will get back to you.