Build Needs

Compact truck in good shape. Preferably a Chevy S-10

High performance lead acid batteries

DC electric motor and controller

Air bag suspension

Solar cells and battery chargers

Custom Paint job


At KinAestheticWind, we are dedicated to promoting renewable energy generation and usage with innovative and exciting projects. As part of this goal, in collaboration with the University of New Mexico Los Alamos, we are proud to present REVolt. The world's first electrically powered low-rider. While several provocative examples of electrically powered sports cars (examples: Aptera, Tesla) and motorcycles exist, there is a notable lack of exciting electrically powered pickup trucks.

We intend to remedy this by building a low-rider sport truck with performance and style to spare. Our goal is to convert a small pickup truck from gasoline to electric power by removing the factory gasoline engine and replacing it with an electric one. To make this truck really unique, we plan to include an integrated solar array battery charging system, an adjustable air bag suspension and killer paint job. The build will be filmed and shown on our website. After the build and a publicity tour, the truck will be donated to the Northern New Mexico United Way to be auctioned off for their benefit.

How to help - Parts and Money

In order to make REVolt a reality, we need to obtain either the money to purchase the following parts, or the parts themselves. All donations are tax deductible. Companies that donate parts will be heavily and permanently featured on this page, and in the making of documentary. To donate please contact In order of priority we need:

1) Compact-truck - the ideal candidate will have a body that is in great shape (the fewer dings and dents the better), a clean title, 2 wheel drive, and a manual transmission. A Chevrolet S-10, GMC S-15 (Sonoma), Mazda B series, Ford Ranger, or a Nissan hardbody would be optimal. We will consider any and all candidates (even cars or SUVs, which could be traded for a truck), so please let us know if you have a vehicle to donate!

2) DC electric motor and controller kit. Kit example

3) Lead acid batteries. High performance gel batteries are ideal.

4) Solar array battery charger.

5) Bolt in air bag suspension kit.

6) Tires and Wheels.

7) Paint job.

8) Sound system.

9) Interior pieces.